In an age characterized by shallowness and superficiality, nothing would be more redeeming for a society infected by a pervasive self-centered secular spirit than a return to its inner depths, to the collective ‘true self of a generation on the brink of losing its soul. ‘Western man’ is in chains, enslaved by its own unfettered passions and desires as happiness and personal fulfillment continue to be sought by the wrong means. Jung found that mental crises in adult life frequently stem from a pervading sense of meaninglessness which inhibits fullness of life and is, therefore, equivalent to illness. A path to our ‘center’ is held out to us, called ‘contemplative prayer’, of which every great spiritual path has its practices.

The goal of contemplative prayer is not union with God, as one might presume, but purification, or as Thomas Keating teaches, the unloading of the unconscious, about which more will be said. Anyone who hoists -sail and sets out on the contemplative journey and anticipates that gentle breezes and calm seas will take him or her to the ‘other shore’ is in for a rude awakening…

Taken from Frank Tuoti’s “Contemplative Prayer” (2003)

Does his words mean anything to you?  What makes the most sense?