Though this news story is quite dated, the issue of child sex slavery has not been abated.  Greed, avarice, and “Man’s inhumanity to man” serves to fuel this horrendous plight.  Poor, innocent children are the victims of this crime.  The prepetrators (brothel owners, pimps) and the root of this issue, those who ‘use’ these poor unfortunates, still walk free.  Each year, by some estimates, hundreds of thousands of girls and boys are bought, sold or kidnapped and then forced to have sex with grown men.

Colin Powell was quoted as saying“…it’s the worst kind of human exploitation imaginable. Can you imagine young children, learning their ABCs or whatever the equivalent is in their language, being used as sexual slaves for predators? It is a sin against humanity, and it is a horrendous crime.”

This expose is about Gary Haugen, a former federal prosecutor who runs a human rights group called the International Justice Mission — this group uses tactics that are considered controversial by some in the human rights community — sending investigators undercover to gather evidence of sex slavery in other
countries, and then taking the evidence to local authorities to persuade them to take action. Their work helped rescue hundreds of women and children around the world.




  1. I love this ministry. I have prayed with them at their Global Prayer Gathering for many years. You can put your money in the World’s system…a stock market of rediculous volatility, or you can invest in a sure thing. IJM is that sure thing. They are taking their skills and following biblical mandates with professionalism and a lot of help from the very hand of God. Thanks for writing about them and spreading the word…I don’t believe they will let you down.

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