Kay McClug does it again…

One of my most favourite bloggers has a “story” each week that enlivens and quickens my thirsty soul… here’s an excerpt form one such story…

Desperate times call for desperate actions. His disciples had just come through a harrowing night at sea (while Jesus slept peacefully, you’ll recall). On their way to the other side a great wind had swept down on them and threatened to overtake them. Life happens that way. We’re rowing, rowing, rowing, doing our utmost to go in the direction we’re sure we were told to go–and what happens? Nearly total overwhelm.

And when we get to the promised ‘other side’–sometimes the very moment our foot touches the ground–new needs rise up as strong as the winds on the water. Is there no rest for the weary soul?

One of the weariest of souls was there as soon as Jesus arrived. No great surprise. Remember, Jesus specializes in hopeless cases. He doesn’t turn away from our most embarrassing, needy, naked selves–our most desperate, hiding, tomb-dwelling selves. The unclean spirit would not release the man, until Jesus recalls a different strategy–befriend the enemy.

“What is your name?” Jesus asks, love leading the way. The spirit in the man says, “Legion,” and begs Jesus for mercy.

When we can admit the utter and overwhelming immensity of our need, and greet that need with love, a door swings open for healing. The demons that seize us– pride, greed, envy, lust, all manner of deception– are longing to be healed. They beg for mercy. What if we dared to look into our own hearts long enough to ask, What is your name, friend? What do you want of me? Jesus has unending compassion for the whole of who we are. Do we?