In one of his most popular songs, Neil Young tells us he is a “searcher” and a “miner” for a “heart of gold.” This song spoke to me as a teen, as the journey resonated deeply with me. Most of us, I suspect, are also searchers and miners for a heart of gold. A heart of gold means different things to different people. For many, it represents what we most deeply cherish or long for in life. We may not always be sure exactly what this is, yet we have the sense that we will recognize it when we find it. And so, the search continues.

Like Sir Percivale, many embark on a sacred quest for the Holy Grail. We tend to look for our heart of gold first in the outer world. For example, we may search for a mate or companion who is caring, loving, and loyal. We believe that this person will help us to feel complete and whole. And for some people, this is how it is, at least for a while. Another person can help you get in touch with parts of yourself, but they cannot be your heart of gold for you. You must cross the seas of your own unconscious to find your heart of gold. It’s never easy to find ones heart of gold.

Young said that he would “cross the ocean for a heart of gold.” Symbolically, this could mean that he was willing to look within himself to find his true love and source of meaning in life. Ultimately, we must all look within to find our gold. It is this inner journey that makes life make more sense. And we learn the most about US through this crossing. For some of us, such a spiritual journey has been pursued, at least in part, through education and training. For me, my choices about education and training were tied, heart, mind and soul to my psychological and spiritual quest. By my way of thinking, the journey is about enhancing awareness ― of self and life. Of discovering and drawing life to the Self.

Whether you consciously realize it or not, you want a genuine and vital relationship with your own soul and with God. You long to find your inner gold, and you long to live the life that makes your heart beat fully and strongly. Finally, Young states, “I wanna live, I wanna give.” Like him, you are a miner for a life of passion, purpose, and meaning. You want to serve something greater than yourself. Search with faith for your heart of gold and it will draw you to itself.