Abandoning Ourselves to God

In working with the importance of interior silence and the need for an inner sanctuary deep within our own clay, we focus on a form of silent prayer – called Centring Prayer. The beauty of this form of prayer is that it takes us away from a preoccupation with our thoughts and therefore from our illusions. The simplest description would be, coming with an intention to sit in a loving relationship with the source of Love and the Creator and sustainer of life without thought and in the absence of self-judgement. In this space, which might last from 20-30 minutes daily, we loosen our attachment to ourselves. We abandon ourselves to God so that God ‘can get at us’. Centring Prayer is simply to sit in the presence of God with intention, but without needing thoughts or words (apart from a simple “love word”). It is very much a companioning space – being with the Divine Companion. And as such, it can be a very healing place.

Taken from “THE HUMAN STORY” by Christopher Basil Brown (2005)