Be the Change

Be the change you wish to see in the world.” —Mohandas Gandhi

…To have a spiritual life is to recognize early on that there is always a similarity and coherence between the seer and the seen, the seekers and what they are capable of finding. You will seek only what you have partially already discovered and therefore seen as desirable. Spiritual cognition is invariably re-cognition. God plants the desires in us for what God already wants to give us, but like all true love, divine love is never forced on us. We must be included in the process.

Call it the “Principle of Likeness,” if you will. The enormous breakthrough happens when you honor and accept the divine image within yourself, and henceforth cannot help but see it in everybody else too—and you know it is just as undeserved and unmerited in them as it is in you. That is almost the only way you can stop judging, and that is how you start loving unconditionally and without asking whether someone is worthy or not. The breakthrough often occurs like a momentary thunderbolt, although the living realization deepens and takes on conviction only over many years.

Spirituality is always about you changing your own way of seeing and your own way of hearing (not changing other people!). It’s about opening your heart space every day and keeping it open with some form of prayer every few minutes if need be, so that the hurts and disappointments of life won’t close you down. You have to find some practice, some ritual, some silence, or whatever it is that helps you recognize how God is trying to get in, as well as how you may be closing down. What you seek is what you will surely get…”

Adapted from The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See