I’d love to do more reading of James Hillman’s works; as I’ve heard others extolling his many virtues. What stood out most for other authors as they analyzed his ideals?  Was it his ability to re-vision: helping the reader to understand themselves and the world from a poetic, metaphorical standpoint?  Hillman knew the soul needs depth, and it finds depth through the imaginal, an internally-held locus of soul-making that commences with images and deepens them into meaning. Words become imaginal, as they become stories; and they always tend to point deeper, beyond the literal – and in this process of soul-making we live lives that make more sense, are richer, and more connected.

When it comes to spiritual notions and understandings, however, things can become very prickly. People want to ‘fix’ (concretize) their words; they want to argue finer theological and ontological bases. Fundamentalism and other –ism’s can easily rear their ugly heads.  Absolute ‘certainties’ become deemed as fact.  Truth is fashioned into a blunt implement with which to subdue the other into conformity.  What happens when piety and certitude reign supreme?  Freedom is sacrificed on the alter of All-truth.  So, when we come to anything with a whiff of Christianity, the stakes seem even higher, with the divisions tending to be even more defined.  I don’t like what’s become of Christian orthodoxy; but I refuse to throw the baby (Jesus) out with the bathwater.  I also refuse to throw out certain words (notions) that have, in some circles, become taboo.  I’m thinking of words like: “Lord”, “Gospel”, “perichoresis” and “G!d”.

I came across an anonymous channeled work online recently (ca. 1900) from the California Digital Library ( — entitled “Christ in You”[1]  — which, for me, held considerable sway.  I also think the existing markings made by previous owners are so poignant to where I’m at, spiritually-speaking (highlights are not mine).  The image shown below, and the quote, seems to explain that Heaven is a ‘consciousness of G!d’ (i.e. as in the kingdom of G!d).  And what is G!d here?  Hillman suggested God is a synonym for the GSB – The Ground and Source of Being. (Or maybe we could imagine “G.O.D.” as an acronym in and of itself i.e. the Ground of all Ontological Dimensions).  G!d is not limited to what’s  understood or theologized.  My G!d  is much greater than anything finite….


Furthermore, the author (believed to be Richard Dodd) says to “make the most and best of our lives NOW.”   Only in the PRESENT are we afforded such access to G!d’s “all-pervading love”.   The past prevents it… the future precludes it.

On the very next page, the author exhorts us to “do away with our limitations” and to break down the artificial walls created by our false selves.  “G!d is ALL LIFE, seen and unseen”, he writes.

What could we understand (appreciate, love, accept) differently, through the “eyes of an infinite G!d”?


[1] See , p. 5