PRAYER: It Was In This Word’s Passion That, by Catherine of Siena

The Value of Sparrows

⊹ ⊹ ⊹

the fire hidden under our ashes
began to show itself
completely and generously
by splitting open his most holy body
on the wood of the cross.
And it was to draw the soul’s affection
to high things,
and to bring the mind’s eye
to gaze into the fire,
that your eternal Word
wanted to be lifted up high.
From there you have shown us love
in your blood,
and in your blood
you have shown us your mercy
and generosity.
In this blood
you have shown how our sin weighs you down.
In this blood you have washed the face of your spouse, the soul,
with whom you are joined
by the union of the divine nature
with our human nature.
In this blood you clothed her
when she was naked,
and by your death
you restored her to life.

⊹ ⊹ ⊹

O agreeable, peaceful Passion!

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