What is Contemplative Christianity? – Ponderings for Holy Saturday, April 4, 2015

I adore the beautiful, full and rich descriptions of Contemplative Christianity found in this post. Thank you for these and may the Lord bless your journey richly…

Contemplative Christianity

Our Aim

ContemplativeChristians.com aims to be an online spiritual resource for the contemplative journey deeper into God’s love. The purpose of this blog is to continue the articulation of contemplative Christianity in the third millennium of Christian faith. Our prayer is that through these writings, resources and reflections, you, Dear Unknown Friend, will be drawn further into the heart of God through Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit’s transforming presence and action.

In an era of increasing confusion and opportunities, the Church is invited to an ancient alternative. We are invited to return, receive and re-discover the contemplative, inner dimension of Christianity.

Every blessing in the love of God through Christ by the Holy Spirit.

What is Contemplative Christianity?

Contemplative Christianity presupposes that we are all on a spiritual journey deeper into God’s love. Through our participation in God’s love and grace, we experience an ongoing process of transformation further into Christ by the power of the…

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