She Is Still And Silent

Siren Whispers


She can be as still and silent

As the barren trees in winter.

Solitary sentries

Always watching

Waiting for their moment.

She is the same way

She may not always speak

You may not always know what is on her mind

But rest assured she is always thinking

Waiting for the right moment.

She is contemplative

And unless ruffled in some way

She takes her time

She measures her words

Disliking having to retrieve ones

Given in haste.

But while there is an abundance of feeling

Behind her words

She is not the type to use them to wound

But rather

It pleases her most

When her words

Soothe and comfort

Cause laughter and smiles

Make the recipient know their importance

And value.

When she has accomplished those things

She smiles to herself

Still and silent

But happy

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