“Opening of Self to the Divine Presence:” An Introduction of Centering Prayer for Students

I love Marty’s appreciation of Centring Prayer as yet another way to the God within!

Social Conscience and Inner Awakening

screen-shot-2013-04-06-at-8-03-58-pmDear students,

The biggest insight that I’ve had in the last four years of teaching World Religions at HKIS is that most students are far more interested in spiritual practices than I’d ever imagined. I just did not think that the majority of grade 9 students would welcome meditation, making mandalas, walking a labyrinth or joining in with Hindu kirtan singing. However, every semester students have encouraged me to push a little further out – to try and make the content we study applicable to their daily lives. The main reason for this, I believe, is that spiritual practices are purpose-built to deal with the fundamental problems of life. In its HKIS version, the biggest issue students at HKIS seem to face is the mental and emotional toll of a high-stakes education in the midst of an achievement-oriented Asian cultural setting.

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