The Jesus Paradox

Silence Teaches Us Who We Are.


Read the Gospels. As Amos Smith refers to it in his book, “Healing the Divide”, watch the Jesus Paradox unfold! Discover for yourself Jesus’ humanity and Divinity in dynamic action.

There are times when we see Jesus’ humanity in action. We see Jesus eating a meal. We see Jesus drinking wine at a party. We see Jesus sleeping in a boat. We see Jesus angrily flipping tables in the temple. We see Jesus weeping.

There are also times when we see his Divinity in action. We see Jesus healing. We see Jesus turning water into wine. We see Jesus’ body transfigured before our eyes. We see Jesus rise from the dead.

Just when we see Jesus acting like a human we later see his Divinity in action. We cannot separate the two. As Kallistos Ware says, “Jesus Christ is not fifty percent God and fifty percent man, but one hundred…

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