Why Do I Practice Centering Prayer

Silence Teaches Us Who We Are.


In my Centering Prayer Questions post, I posed some centering prayer questions. Since I asked these very questions, it is only fitting that I answer them too.

I recognize that each one of us has their own practice. If you asked yourself why do I practice ________, how would you respond?

Why do I center?

I center because I love God.

I center so God and I can partner as we begin each day.

I center to forget me.

I center to let go of my worries, anxieties, fears, things that are bothering me.

When I center, I am sitting with God. I do not think words need to be said.

When I center it is like sitting with a good friend. It is like sitting with someone I love. We just like to be with each other.

I sit with God to love God and be loved by God.

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