Passaging well

I love the reminder of the 2013 prose — I appreciated reading it as much now as I did the first time I saw it. By-the-by, Happy B’day my dear brother! In your blog, you wrote: “I’m much more interested in being the most surrendered and loving person I can be at any given moment during these passages of my life which only seem to come more quickly all the time”. This thought stays transfixed, as I think of my 60th rapidly approaching. SIXTY — too much! Never thought I’d even see this age when I was 20! Especially all the crazy life-threatening things I’ve attempted over the past 40 years! Maybe there is a purpose to it all, after all.


Our lives are a series of passages. One tributary leads to another, which in turn yields to something else on its way to waterfall or harbor, estuary or eddy. At times we are stuck, unmoving. Or so it seems. To be stuck can actually be a decision not to decide something. Perhaps it’s a slow, deep spot before being sucked back out into the rapids where we easily lose our sense of direction and the not unreasonable expectation that we’ll fly ass over tea kettle into the frothy spray. There are even times when our boat slows almost to a crawl and we find ourselves in the enchantments of a Pirates of the Caribbean style rendezvous with delight. DSC_0019

Whatever the case may be it should be our goal to passage well. That is, when faced with life’s bone-chilling decisions, we learn to listen for the most gracious, compassionate means by…

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