I’d like to share with anyone who cares my newfound, yet ancient old, passion — the Scottish Small Pipes!  Never heard of them???  Have a listen…. to some words first, then some music being played on these incredibly beautiful. wonderfully sounding Celtic traditional instruments… not of war, but of joy and frivolity!

Bellows-pipes were not completely unknown in the Hielands from an early date – witness the famous musette owned by Prince Charles Stewart; moreover, it now seems that an instrument very much like that of Malcolm MacPherson was known in London perhaps 100 years before Shaw’s dictionary. According to Joseph MacDonald’s brother Patrick, there was a ‘smallpipe’ “…on which dancing tunes are played that is Compleat, the same in form and apparatus with the greater, differing only in size” It seems likely that it was around 1770 — 1780 that the bellows were introduced to power this ‘smallpipe’; the disdain shown by Joseph MacDonald for the ‘low country’ pipe may well explain why it took so long for the advantages of the bellows to be accepted by more staunch Hielanders.

Lend an ear to some of the most renown pipers today:

Kris Nielsen

Neil Clark

Finn Moore

Chris Gray

Ellen MacPhee

Gary West

Fred Morrison (looks like he’s just havin’too much fun!)

If you like what you see and hear, have a squiz at this URL….

And then cast les yieux upon these “rare beauties fair”