Gerard and the Watchman

Do you want to hear an amazing group?  These guys are phenominal!!


Moreover, here’s a snippet of a review of one of their live performances to a packed house — wish I could have been there to hear them in-person!  Good on ‘ya Alex, Rosie and Dave!!

First a solo male musician walked on stage, this was Alex Bayly guitarist and keyboardist from Gerard and the Watchman. Alex performed five songs followed by Rosie Jones (multi-instrumentalist from Gerard and the Watchman) who also performed five solo songs. This staggered introduction to these two band members made the evening seem very personal. We the audience not only got to hear their musicianship without distraction, but we also got to experience their individual personalities. After a short interval, drummer Tobias Humble, Alex Bayly, Rosie Jones, and of course Dave Gerard climbed on to the stage to present us with the complete band ‘Gerard and the Watchman’. The show was a display of silky vocals, exquisite musicianship and poetic lyrics, if this wasn’t enough Dave kept on surprising us. He left the stage twice allowing his band to perform without him. Alex, Rosie, and Dave would swap instruments. The encore saw the entire band leave the stage to perform totally unplugged within the audience.