Beyond Holistic Education: A Pedagogy of Spiritual Activation

Marty — your students are blessed to have you as their “kaiako” (tutor) and wisdom guide. Blessings to you and your amazing Ministry…

Social Conscience and Inner Awakening

DSC_3623This semester’s “Service, Society, and the Sacred” class studied a wide range of topics: depression, suicide, technology, the future, Asian and Western ways of thinking, Spiral Dynamics, the Enneagram, meditation, and spiritual practices. Despite this organic and at times non-sequitur approach to the curriculum, the three constants were self-awareness, creating a class community, and contributing beyond the classroom to others. The enthusiastic response by students to the class has made me wonder what made it work. It certainly wasn’t the linear delivery of a curriculum. Upon reflection, perhaps there was more to what happened than meets the pedagogical eye, as I share in this entry.

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  1. Appreciate the comment. The bibliography is in prep for a peer-reviewed article that is still very much in the works – interviewing teachers of social conscience. In terms of the blog content, this past summer I re-thought the curriculum to make it less non-sequitor, using Cynthia’s three-centered awareness. I’m teaching it now for a second time, and I’m very pleased with the result. Students are getting it on a much deeper level. I spent much of today grading essays and re-thinking the April and May part of the curriculum. I’m feeling very good about the new organization of the course:

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