“Trip to Bountiful” – part 9

Thanks for the amazing pics of the Hieland countryside, Rob! And of Edinburgh metropolis… it may be the closest I get to “seeing” this divine city. I also appreciate your sooper pics of the souls you’ve encountered along your path… and of you piping!!! Great Caeser’s ghost! Please send us more of those kind of pics, OK? I always loved listening to you pipe, my friend. Saw your recent YouTube debut piping jazz, of all things! Ceol mohr!

Can we expect any sound bites with your blog posts as you play to thise fortunates that are around as you pipe? PLEASE… PRETTY PLEASE…


What I learned looking at Skye

Friday, June 3. I wave goodbye to my wife as she makes her way by train south to a writer’s retreat near Bath.Waving goodbye to Rae.jpg I make a leisurely retreat back to the Edinburgh car park where awaits my trusty chariot for the journey to come. As I shut the car door it occurs to me, shit, I have to drive through the Highlands without her as my human GPS (SatNav) where Internet is as rare as the Loch Ness monster.Lord, have mercy!

Before executing the daunting task of driving the Highlands alone I spend a few days reacquainting myself with the chic, sleepy provincialism cum arts mecca cum tourist quicksand that is Edinburgh. Long walks down the Portobello promenade watching very white-skinned Scots sunning themselves on windy beaches. It adds credibility to my insistence that Scots change color quickly given ten minutes of sun…

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