Thomas Moore – a sacred soul

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An incredible conversation

“…to the soul, the most minute details and the most ordinary activities, carried out with mindfullness and art, have an effect far beyond their apparant insignificance.”
Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul


PRAYER: I Do Not Understand Your Ways, by Thomas Merton

My God, I frankly do not understand your ways with me. You fill me with desires that people have been canonized for having and for carrying out. Then you tell me not to carry them out, and you tell…

Source: PRAYER: I Do Not Understand Your Ways, by Thomas Merton

A silent retreat — where do I sign up?

Various forms of prayer have helped me experience God’s presence directly during the daily moments of life with the brothers… during those early morning times alone, I have learned to devote some time to silent prayer. Not every day, but frequently, my mornings start with that time of openness, contrition, and longing. Making deliberate efforts for prayer have helped me actually receive the gift of love available in life with the brothers.

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MYSTICISM: From Faith to Wisdom

Now faith actually brings all of the unconscious into integration with the rest of our life, but it does so in different ways. What is below us is accepted (not by any means merely rationalized). It is consented to in so far as it is willed by God. Faith enables us to come to terms with our animal nature and to accept the task of trying to govern it according to the divine will, that is, according to love. At the same time, faith subjects our reason to the hidden spiritual forces that are above it. In so doing, the whole man is brought into subjection to the “unknown” that is above him.


Source: MYSTICISM: From Faith to Wisdom


YET ANOTHER MASTERPIECE — a must see in the wrangle of paradoxical Christianity– as Rob Rife puts it: “In order to live, one must die. To be found, one must admit one is lost. To be strong, admit weakness. To gain success, embrace failure. To find yourself, give yourself away.”