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The Spiritual Life

Early Christian Desert Communities



An interesting and insightful interview with Amma Cynthia Bourgeault, wisdom mentor and “Rabonni” — thanks be to God, for her, and her incredible ministry!  She is a Desert Mystic and Contemplative extraordinaire!


Pentecost and Pacemakers

Here’s a most astounding story of god’s Grace in the life of a dear sister in Christ.  I praise Him for allowing her to remain in this realm a while longer; as her sudden loss, would have left this world bereft of another great soul — so much a conglomerate of Mother Teresa, and Thomas Merton.

My prayers reach out to you, Dearest One.  May His peace fill your life as you slip back into “Rio Abajo Rio”. Translated literally, it means “the river beneath the river”, suggesting that the spirit of life lies hidden beneath (within) the ordinary.

Pentecost 2015

Dear Wisdom Friends,

I guess you’re all wondering what happened to me last week.

The long and short of it is that on Saturday a week ago, while driving down from Maine to Massachusetts for our upcoming Ascensiontide Wisdom retreat at Glastonbury Abbey, I began to feel decidedly strange behind the wheel, needing to muster my entire concentration to keep from passing out. I spotted one of those blue hospital signs at a freeway exit and decided to follow it. A good intuition, it turns out! I was admitted with what’s known as acute third degree heartblock (which means that the heart’s electrical system is essentially in total meltdown), and emerged from the ordeal three days later with a new pacemaker happily ticking away in my chest.

It’s not exactly as if this came out of the blue. For a couple of years now I’d been complaining about difficulty with shortness of breath walking up hills, and I could tell inwardly that something was off. But my cardiologist had been focused on arterial issues rather than electrical ones, and the electrical system gave no outward signs of misbehaving. Just last January I’d been given a clean bill of heart health.

Glad I didn’t take his recommendation to begin a regular cardio fitness regime!

Drawing by Cynthia's grandchild

This has all turned out as well as possible. While a heartblock is definitely a serious condition (worst case scenario is progression to sudden cardiac arrest), it is also one of the most easily treatable. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I am literally bionically reborn! My new high-tech pacemaker is programmed to cue off my natural atrial electrical impulse (the “top half” of the heartbeat) and help the ventricular impulse (the “lower half,” which was getting blocked) to synchronize. The result is that I am simply, fully “me” again, back in the ballgame with the old familiar pizzazz, and my eyes still blinking in wonder.

There is so much to be grateful for. If you have to have a medical emergency, this is about as cushioned as it gets. I was under 24-hour cardiac surveillance at a fine hospital until the surgery could be arranged, with the emergency pacemaker (if it came to that) right in the room. My daughter Lucy lives nearby, and was there at my side throughout the whole adventure — and now, is providing a wonderful space for recuperation while my new device and I settle in together. Best of all, my brilliant senior wisdom students, spearheaded by Bill Redfield and Patricia Speak, rose to the occasion magnificently and jointly co-created a memorable Ascensiontide retreat.

And from around the world, your love and prayers poured in. I felt deeply “carried” by a higher hand.

Everything being equal, I will receive the “all clear” from my pacemaker surgeon tomorrow and make my way back to Maine over the following two days, slowly resuming my normal activity (on which there should be no limitations). Thank heavens it was already a “hermit time” in my schedule, deliberately left wide open for writing and family visits.

The spiritual implications will take a bit longer to sink in. But for the moment, this is what’s uppermost in my mind:

For many years now during my evening psalmody I’ve chanted the line from Psalm 139: “the number of my days was appointed before one of them came into being.” And I think it’s Ecclesiastes where one finds the line, “Lord, make me to know the number of my days.” I know I’ve sung it in the Brahms Requiem. In fact, just six years ago at my first husband Cal’s memorial service.

Well, for better or worse, I now know the number of my days: 68 years, 2 months, 3+ days. Without being overly alarmist, it’s pretty clear to all concerned that the situation I experienced this weekend was not going to self-correct. Without those equal infusions of grace and modern technology my life would even now be winding down, or wound down already. As it is, I apparently have a 10-15 year medical extension, easily renewable if the rest of the one horse shay holds up.

It’s not like I’m now living on borrowed time, for this second wind that’s been given to me is fully my own life in this skin and bones, on this precious planet, and I intend to make the most of it. But you could say, perhaps, that it’s borrowed time from the Imaginal realm, a bit more space to explore the crucial dimensions of being finite, of bringing this all to a conscious fulfillment. And as I gradually get back into the rushing river of my life, I will try not to let this precious realization slip away.

Boundless thanks to all! In both realms. May I use this extension consciously and gratefully.

~ Cynthia

an amazing blogspot — Concentric Circles

As illuminating as a prayer time in a Labyrinth, so I found Sheila’s amazing blogs. Well worth a sticky bick!!!


If you want to know someone intimately, check out their own personal library, and see who they’re reading!

If you want to know who I read, here’s but some of the URL’s and books I read with gusto:


  • Check out his URL:
  • I mentioned a parachurch org I once worked with, MTM Australia.  See their URL showing some of Rohr’s resources (and others) they provide to we poor ‘Contemplatives downunder’
  • Richard’s “Radical Grace” Magazine is excellent!  (I’ve attached a sample article from said mag)
  •  His latest book, On the Threshold of Transformation, I hear is absolutely profound (though I’ve yet to get a copy)
  • Other excellent resources of his are:

Rohr, R, The Naked Now

Rohr, R, On Transformation: Collected Talks (CD series)

Rohr, R, True Self/False Self  (CD series)

Rohr, R, Things Hidden

Rohr, R, Quest for the Grail

Rohr, R, Jesus’ Plan for a New World

Rohr, R, The Good News According to Luke


Also check out her latest labour of love, her blog entitled “Blowin’ in the Wind” at


  • Progoff, Ira, (ed.), The Cloud of Unknowing
  • Marion, Jim,  Putting on the Mind of Christ
  • Clement, Olivier, The Roots of Christian Mysticism
  • Wood-Madden, Kathryn, Dark Light of the Soul (explores this kinship of Boehme and Jung)